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The quiet revolution by travelArt - Chile

Dear friends and travel colleagues.

I want to help you create the most amazing product for Chile, shall we have a call?

The new revolution, What an opportunity Chilean citizens will have, after many months of unrest the true voice of a unified population has been heard.

Chileans to elect a 155-strong assembly made up of equivalent men and women to set out the new framework and enshrine equal rights. Women’s rights activists in Chile say that the country’s new constitution will catalyze progress for women in the country – and could set a new global standard for gender equality in politics.

This should be set as an example of forward-thinking and adopted in many countries around the world. It also shows that everything has an ending.

For further info follow this link

With over 83% of its population vaccinated with the 1st jab ( Chile is well-positioned to be the only South American country that could be added to the UK amber or even green list. We suspect that our borders will also be open by the end of August.

For now, I let you discover these amazing places that are there waiting for you!

Northern Carretera Austral

“He who does not know the Chilean forest does not know this planet. From those lands, from that mud, from that silence, I have left to walk, to sing, around the world“ - Pablo Neruda (Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner)

The 1247 kilometre Carretera Austral road passes some of Chile’s most impressive landscapes. It begins in the Lake District and leads to the town of Villa O’Higgins in the Aysén region. Here you can see a video about the Carretera Austral.

The northern Carretera Austral begins in Puerto Montt and ends after about 660 kilometres in the regional capital Coyhaique. It consists of roads with little traffic, surrounded by untouched nature with lakes, mountains, rivers, lush green forests and thermal springs. On the way, you will pass some of Chile’s national parks. A special highlight is a hike to the hanging glacier in Queulat National Park.

Outdoor enthusiasts will find numerous opportunities for activities all along the route, surrounded by beautiful natural panoramas and an extraordinary variety of landscapes.

Whether rafting and kayaking on the rapids of the Futaleufú River or fly fishing, horseback riding, trekking and boat trip through the fjords, there are many ways for everyone to enjoy the Chilean adventure on the Carretera Austral. Visitors can also relax in the region’s hot thermal springs, for example in Puyuhuapi.



travelArt has created an itinerary that will take you by rental car from Puerto Montt to Coyhaique, passing beautiful natural landscapes with diverse flora.

On this unique travel adventure on the northern Carretera Austral, you will drive past lush forests, Chile’s second-largest lake Llanquihue and the turquoise-coloured Futaleufú River, which is one of the best whitewater destinations in the world and invites you to go rafting on its rapids.

The highlight is the stay in the heart of a natural paradise, the Queulat National Park with its impressive hanging glacier, waterfalls, lagoons and forests. Pure nature!

travelArt`s 11-day self-drive programme “Carretera Austral Norte – Pure Nature” costs from USD 1,921 per person including accommodation (double room) and rental car (Nissan X-Trail 4WD AT or similar vehicle). International and domestic flights are not included in the price.

NOTE: Pick-up of the rental car at Puerto Montt airport and drop-off of the rental car at Balmaceda airport.


The Route of the Parks (Ruta de los Parques) was born out of a nature conservation vision, promoted by the Tompkins Conservation Chile Foundation. It covers more than 90 % of the area protected under the category of National Parks in Chile. Starting in Puerto Montt in the Lake District, the route extends to Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America, in the Magallanes region. The 2800 km long route through dreamlike landscapes includes 17 national parks with a great diversity of flora and fauna.

Part of the northern Carretera Austral follows this route and passes by some of the national parks. In the Lake District, for example, this is the Pumalín Douglas Tompkins and in the Aysén region the Queulat National Park.

Pumalín Park is a temperate rainforest nature reserve. It is also an excellent destination for trekking, camping, and canyoning in its fjords.

In Queulat National Park, you can enjoy hiking in the evergreen forest and visit its glaciers, lagoons, and waterfalls. One of the activities not to be missed on the northern Carretera Austral is the hike to Ventisquero Colgante, a hanging glacier.

The inhabitants along the route are the guardians of the “Ruta de los Parques” and the keepers of the cultural and natural heritage. They are communities that keep Patagonia’s culture, traditions, and identity alive. See a short video about it here.

Under this link you will find a brochure with some photos and short information about the different parks as well as a map of the complete route.



Did you know that the third largest ice reserve in the world, after Antarctica and Greenland, is located in Chile? 20,000 km of ice, of which 4,200 km correspond to the Northern Ice Fields and are entirely in the Aysén region. Its imposing glaciers include the Exploradores, where you can hike on the ice, and the famous San Rafael, which forms the lagoon of the same name.

Puerto Chacabuco is one of the starting points to this natural wonder. There you can take a catamaran that will take you through the fjords and channels of the Laguna San Rafael National Park. It is a unique experience to see the glacier wall from the boat and marvel at the play of colours of the eternal ice.

Another option is a cruise from/to Puerto Montt, which heads for fjords, small villages, private thermal pools and the San Rafael lagoon during a 6-day/5-night cruise.

The arch-shaped lagoon was formed by the retreat of the San Rafael Glacier in the Northern Patagonian Ice Field.

San Rafael National Park is the largest park in the Aysén region, covering 1,742,000 hectares, and it encompasses the entire Northern Patagonian Ice Fields (Campos de Hielo Norte), where countless rivers and lakes are born.

For further information give us a shout.

Thank you.

Daniel and the travelArt team!

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