The quiet revolution by travelArt - Chile

Dear friends and travel colleagues.

I want to help you create the most amazing product for Chile, shall we have a call?

The new revolution, What an opportunity Chilean citizens will have, after many months of unrest the true voice of a unified population has been heard.

Chileans to elect a 155-strong assembly made up of equivalent men and women to set out the new framework and enshrine equal rights. Women’s rights activists in Chile say that the country’s new constitution will catalyze progress for women in the country – and could set a new global standard for gender equality in politics.

This should be set as an example of forward-thinking and adopted in many countries around the world. It also shows that everything has an ending.

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With over 83% of its population vaccinated with the 1st jab ( Chile is well-positioned to be the only South American country that could be added to the UK amber or even green list. We suspect that our borders will also be open by the end of August.

For now, I let you discover these amazing places that are there waiting for you!

Northern Carretera Austral

“He who does not know the Chilean forest does not know this planet. From those lands, from that mud, from that silence, I have left to walk, to sing, around the world“ - Pab