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Brazil, the land of Samba and Carnaval, diversity, passion and happiness.


Brazilian people are warm and welcoming, Brazilian food; exotic and delicious; and Brazilian natural beauties; beyond words. Amongst the treasures that this immense country holds, there are the world’s most beautiful beach, the biggest rainforest, and the biggest show on earth.


A land of contrasts and surprises, of beauty and excitement, Brazil takes even the most experienced traveller’s breath away.


In each region a different culture. One can travel from north to south, east to west, and continuously find different experiences.


Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for its incredible natural beauty. In Salvador da Bahia travellers learn about the birth of Brazilian civilisation and enjoy summer all year around. In Pantanal guests can relax in the beautiful wetlands and meet all sorts of wild animals. The Amazon is the ultimate destination, with its untouched marvels and nature. And these are just some of the wonders of this vast country.

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