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Martsam Travel is a reputable Destination Management Company and tour operator in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras that has thrived in the travel industry for 29+ years.  


Our noteworthy attributes include professionalism, dedication, adaptability, genuineness, and the superior quality of our tour packages in The Mayan World. 


Our excursions and day trips are crafted to unveil the splendor of world heritage sites, natural wonders, national parks, native markets, art galleries, museums, and gorgeous coastlines.  


We offer genuine and unforgettable adventures that enable you to engage with Central America's history, cultures, ethnicities, and nature. 


Moreover, you can actively partake in vibrant festivals and Maya revelries, which is a thrilling experience in itself.  


Birding & Nature Tours 

Birding Expeditions, a Martsam Tour and Travel branch was launched in 2004. It focuses on providing specialized birdwatching, nature, and photography tours in Mexico, Honduras, Belize, and Guatemala. 


As a professional company dedicated to birdwatching, we specialize in creating tailored birdwatching experiences for small groups and independent travelers. 


Whether you're an avid birdwatcher or a beginner, we design trips that cater to your specific expectations. For experienced birdwatchers, we organize target trips that meet their interests and preferences. Likewise, we create personalized itineraries for beginners that introduce them to the fascinating world of birds and our incredible natural surroundings. 


One of our unique offerings is the remarkable blend of birdwatching and culture. We provide diverse opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the cultural and natural wonders of the destinations we visit. 


During our birdwatching and cultural trips, you can explore Maya cities nestled within breathtaking tropical forests, home to various wildlife. Some notable sites we visit include Tikal and Yaxha in Guatemala, La Milpa and Caracol in Belize, and Copan in Honduras. 



Our tourism company is deeply rooted in sustainability, working hand-in-hand with Mayan communities and conservation projects to ensure your travel experience is unforgettable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible. 

With over 29 years of experience, our team of destination experts will take you off the beaten track, sharing insider tips and hidden gems that only the locals know.  

So, whether you're looking for cultural immersion, adventure, or relaxation, we've got you covered! 

But that's not all! When you travel with us, you're not just a tourist but part of a movement promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.  

Your trip will positively impact the local communities and environments you visit, helping preserve their culture and natural resources for generations. 

Why Martsam Travel 

The team behind our creative tour packages is famous for unmatched local knowledge, expertise, and professionalism. 

This applies to everyone, including travel advisors, guides, and drivers.  

Every Martsam Travel team member has a lengthy fieldwork background and has trained to the highest standards. 

We are Guatemalan and Mayan World experts, so we are the best people to help you have the trip of a lifetime here! 

  • Exclusive service at local rates 

  • Custom-made travel schedules 

  • Handpicked properties 

  • Comfortable and safe vehicles 

  • Expert bilingual guidance 

  • Flexibility 

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