Dear friends and travel colleagues,

Warm greetings from Guatemala & Belize! In case you hadn't heard, we have great news - Guatemala and Belize we are open to ALL worldwide travellers.

Both countries only require a few simple steps for entry. For the vaccinated, the only stipulation is that the final dose of vaccine must have been administered 2 weeks or more prior to entry. For those who haven't yet gotten their shot(s), negative PCR and rapid antigen test results are still acceptable for entry. Belize requires vaccinated guests to show negative antigen test results within 48 hours and negative PCR test results within 96 hours of travel.

We are also excited to share about our Villa Collection spread out through main cities and locations in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. These accommodations provide a safe and exclusive haven for your guests' vacation.

Finally, we have launched a special new remote adventurous itinerary for those interested in a journey into the heart of the Mundo Maya. Read on to learn more.

Saludos and abrazos! Jimmy Rogers

Guatemala is steeped in the rich and important history of the Mundo Maya. Our creative and resourceful team have crafted a new historical adventure - an Ancient Mayan pilgrimage through the heart of the Guatemalan jungle: El Mirador, Holmul and Yaxha. It's a one-of-a-kind journey on foot and by helicopter into the depths of the jungle! Your travellers trek with members of the Carmelita community who enlighten with their folklore and share secrets of the surrounding forest, bringing it to life. They'll dine by candlelight and camp near ancient ruins with an astronomer to interpret the night sky, while renowned archaeologists unveil secrets of the hidden ancient Mayan civilizations by day. Contact me if you want to learn more about this special journey!

Maya Trails is excited to announce our wide variety collection of amazing luxury and ultra-luxury villas in Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. For example, we offer a variety of villas in Guatemala (Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Monterrico, Rio Dulce, etc.) Belize (San Pedro Amberigs, San Ignacio - Cayo District, Placencia, etc.) Honduras (Roatan, La Ceiba, etc.) These amazing villas are travellers' extended homes away from home, with amenities for all ages, sizes and tastes. We can include private butler service, fully stocked kitchens, renowned chefs, entertainment, and our unique creative experiences around your stay at the villas. Contact me to learn more about our collection and book one now for your guests visiting our region.

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


Daniel and Jimmy

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Dear Clients and Friends,

Greetings from Chile!

In order to facilitate the restart of travel to our country, we have put together an infographic for you with the most important information about entering and staying in Chile.

Here you can download the infographic as pdf file.

In addition, we are currently working on a FAQ catalogue in which we will provide you with answers to the most important questions about entering Chile. We will shortly send you a link where you can view this information.

If you have any further questions about the current entry requirements, please do not hesitate to write to your contact person at travelArt.

Kind regards,

Daniel and the travelArt team.

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Tourism as an industry is based on the principle of travelling to a different location outside of their usual environment, domestically or internationally, with different purposes such as leisure, business, health, or more.

The travel industry incorporates many sectors including lodging, transport, travel agencies, attractions, etc., which is why it has a powerful impact globally. In fact, the total contribution of travel and tourism to the global GDP in 2020 was approximately $4,671 billion, as published in 2021 by Statista Research Department.

As beneficial as it is for the global economy, tourism is one of the many industries that also have an impact on a social and environmental level. Therefore, now more than ever is important to develop our industry into a responsible and so more sustainable one.

Difference between sustainable and responsible tourism

People tend to assume that sustainable and responsible tourism are the same. However, the former applies the concept of sustainability to the tourism industry, while the latter refers to the individual actions that people (travellers), businesses, and destinations take to develop sustainable tourism.

The aim of sustainable tourism

Sustainability is described as the development made to meet our needs in the present without affecting the future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainable tourism aims to have a positive impact in the environmental, social, and economic areas by:

For instance, AJ is one of the collaborators in one amazing project in the Galapagos Islands in which domesticated animals are the main focus. We create awareness about the best way to look after them so they are not a threat to the endemic wildlife, allowing all species to live in harmony. Learn more about Pan Animalia here.

- Consider social variables such as community, education, health, equity.

For example, Adventure Journeys is creating alliances with the community of Pijal in Imbabura, Ecuador. We have built a non-profit project with the objective of helping to improve the quality of life of women in Pijal through its revitalization, community development, and from a sociocultural perspective. Learn more about Sacha Warmikuna here.

- Generate economic benefits maintaining the long-term viability of every action.

Sustainable tourism helps connect the planning and management areas of tourism development with environmental, social, and economic goals. We, as businesses, are obliged to create a set of responsible guidelines that will allow us to maintain a sustainable industry.

Please check FCO UK entry requirements for Ecuador on

Thank you and we are eager to carry on talking to you on how to promote Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.



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