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Trips designed to connect, teach and transform, leading to unique and life-changing experiences made in Brazil: that’s the Gondwana spirit!

Ous Essense "Provide trips with potential to transform, teach and result in unique experiences for our customers."

Gondwana Brasil is a destination management company with over 18 years of continuous tour operating experience. Our trips aim to reveal a Brazil that exists beyond stereotypes.


Our travellers are invited to “disengage the autopilot”, embrace adventure and be fully present at the moment, as they get to know different landscapes and lifestyles and gain new perspectives.


That is why we carefully select places, services and people that make a difference and enable us to meet the expectations of diverse audiences. In addition to working with experienced partners who thoroughly know each destination, Gondwana promotes sustainable tourism and responsible consumption. You can count on us to design your itinerary in the country where we were born and raised.


Welcome to Gondwana’s Brazil!

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