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Who we are

travelArt was founded in 1994 with the goal of creating unique and unforgettable travel experiences in Chile and we’ve become a dynamic and proven leader in the Chilean tourism market. Since 2017 travelArt is a division of the renowned Chilean travel company Turavion under the direction of Enrique Sacchetti.


What we do

We create the most extraordinary and enchanting travel holidays with consistently outstanding quality. Our practical know-how and wealth of solid ideas lead to long-lasting and trusting client relationships.


Our Philosophy

• Customer-first service mentality

• Friendly and outgoing team members

• Always close to our partners

• A consistent focus on your guest´s wishes and requirements

• We know that people bring a company to life!


Quality and Reliability

• In-depth knowledge and passion about Chile´s unique geography from majestic glaciers to the driest desert of the world and its cultural diversity to provide authentic and unforgettable experiences at the end of the world

• Partner support offices in Santiago, Santiago Airport, Patagonia and the Lake District

• Highest quality standards, guaranteed by our quality management

• Exceptional product design

• Periodic inspections of our providers

• Service in German and English by our committed and specialized international team

• Enthusiastic and high-qualified tour guides

• 24h emergency phone support

• Excellent relationships with key suppliers in the industry


A Sustainable, Thoughtful Style

• Close collaboration with local organizations

• Responsible supplier selection

• Consistently faithful to the country’s distinctive character

• A positive working environment


A Tradition of Excellence

• Long-standing experience

• Tailor-made programs for groups and FITs: Special interest tours, Adventure travel, Self-drive trips and Cruise handling

• Regular departures for FITs

• Own offices in key tourist regions of Chile

• Fast responses

• Exceptional performance and quality at all levels

• Member of recognized travel associations

We love Chile! 

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