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NEW TOUR - "Heartbeat of Chile“ – Discover the country’s soul by travelArt - Chile

For a varied journey with breathtaking landscapes the contrasting country, Chile is the first choice.

travelArt offers a new unique tour, which should not be missing on a holiday bucket-list.

Santiago, Elqui Valley, Isla Damas, the former copper mining town and UNESCO World Heritage Site Sewell, Torres del Paine National Park are only some of the highlights.

Experience the clearest starry sky of the world on an astronomical tour, watch cute penguins, observe an imposing condor in the sky and follow the tracks of the pumas in Patagonia. This trip will take you from the north to the south of the country and a visit to one of Chile’s outstanding wineries is also not to be missed.

For more details on this 12 Day tour and costs, mail to

Entering Chile – Always be perfectly informed …

Chile’s borders have been open to foreign tourists since 23 November. However, since the beginning of the year, those who enter Chile, whether Chileans, resident foreigners or visiting foreigners, must undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine. The quarantine can be lifted with a negative PCR result taken from the seventh day of quarantine onwards.

In order to enable the safe reactivation of tourism, the government has created a website with all relevant information. On the official website, which is also available in English, you will find detailed information on the requirements for entering Chile, onward travel within the country and a frequently asked questions section that is regularly updated whenever there is a change in the situation.

You will also find an updated map of destinations in Chile according to 5 stages, or gradual steps, ranging from Quarantine to Advanced Opening. Destinations that are in steps 3, 4 and 5, are enabled to accommodate tourists.

Our 10 highlights for the year 2021

We look to the future with hope and have listed some of Chile’s highlights for you for the new year 2021 …

For further information, please contact us!



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