Is this the end, or a new beginning? by Gondwana Brazil

Dear colleagues,

If we consider it as an end, it is almost impossible to believe that we are apparently coming out of this very difficult time that we have faced together. We do have a great conviction that we are moving towards closing part of this chapter in our history.

A chapter that has challenged us in the broadest senses of our existence. We have learned a lot, but unfortunately at the cost of many lives here in Brazil. We can only hope that this will serve as a lesson for us to make better political choices next year (a presidential election year in Brazil).

If we consider it as a start, we are taking this very seriously.

Being a responsible company that cares about generating a positive impact on the planet is no longer a choice. This has always been latent and pulsating within Gondwana, but now it is growing and integrating with enormous force in our daily work.

We do want our trips to be transformative. Our mission is to provide responsible trips that value local communities, protect nature, and connect different realities, providing opportunities for transformative exchanges. And this motto has been with us for 20 years, but it finds resonance with the travellers of 2021 and beyond.

We feel that today's customers are looking for serious, responsible companies that are concerned with generating positive changes in the world. This puts us at an advantage.

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