How about the Indigenous tribes of the Amazon? Have they been neglected?


In the thick of the health crisis, Brazil's social inequality has become as evident as ever. Especially as it intensifies the virus spread and hits those unable to practice social distance the hardest. For this reason, we have decided to support some social projects that make a difference and distribute PPE to places that need it most.


Nature has its own way of healing itself, but we are very concerned with the local communities that call our natural havens their home. In Gondwana's almost 20 years, we have never come face to face with such a big and complex challenge. Since our core mission is to offer trips that help protect people, cultures and nature, through conscientious tourism, it feels as if our very purpose is at stake.

For many local people and communities, tourism is the only source of income, and they are suffering a lot right now with the complete halt of tourist activity. These communities are vital for us and for Brazil. What I, you and most of our customers do not share is their daily reality. There is a lack of shelter, food, and basic hygiene supplies. These are the people that inspire us to protect our country's natural legacy - and they are the most vulnerable at the moment.

We know how life-changing our encounters with nature can be. If we stop to think about the last few years, what were the moments when we learned and were inspired? Many of them, I believe, happened while we were travelling. We must continue to provoke people to ponder about the way they inhabit this world through these meaningful encounters. And for that, we need your help now.

There is an opportunity to change the way we experience tourism. This is a call to action for us to preserve the wonderful beauties of our country for our own enjoyment and learning, once the COVID-19 threat is gone. We know that all eyes are on Brazil right now. The contagion curve only grows, the State is absent (especially for the most vulnerable) and we know that many people are willing to help those who need it most. For this reason, we have decided to mobilize our networks and, at first, share about initiatives we are already involved with, that are trustworthy and need a lot of help, of any kind.