A Second Chance To Travel More Responsibly by Valencia Travel Cusco - Peru

Dear friends and travel colleagues.

With the global pandemic affecting our ability to move about, both locally and internationally, it has forced many of us to reflect on how we treat the planet since if one thing is evident at all, it’s that the whole world is in it together—and by in it, we aren’t talking just about the pandemic and the spread of COVID-19, but just as importantly, the collective actions we take that can impact the world for the better.

  • Being environmentally responsible means many things to many people, but under this umbrella term it could mean:

  • Purchasing items that use biodegradable packaging

  • Walking or riding your bike to work instead of using the car or public transport, where possible

  • Aligning your purchases of goods and services with companies that have the same morals as you—that is, choosing to buy from companies that have sustainability practices in their supply chains that aim to limit their negative impact on the planet

  • Travelling more responsibly: Just as you would find on a Valencia Travel Cusco tour, choosing to see the world with a tour operator that focuses on sustainable tourism, giving back to the local community, and providing a life-changing experience that isn’t just amazing for you, but also amazing for the planet

We each have a second chance to travel more responsibly after the pandemic has ended. The choices we make are votes of power, and with this power comes great responsibility of enacting change on a world level. Travelling responsibly is just one way we can rethink our approach and attitude towards our impact on the planet—after all, we only have one to take care of!

The world over, a debate continues to rage on about the use of fossil fuels and other practices that can harm the planet and its inhabitants (human and non-human alike). And while politicians continue to go back and forth about the merits of saving the planet for future generations, we each have the power today to make a statement by taking a 360-degree view of what it means to be a socially and environmentally conscious individual.

Travel the right way, and do it with one of Valencia Travel Cusco’s sustainable tours that can be found here.

Together, we can step together towards a brighter and greener future.

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