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"With Full Hands" by Horizontes Nature Tours - Costa Rica

Dear friends and colleagues.

At Fundación Horizontes we started the project “A Manos Llenas” (With full hands), with the aim of supporting families most affected by the very low numbers of travellers due to the Covid 19 pandemic. It all started with the heart-felt call for help from our tour guides who needed our help.

We offered our offices to receive donations, we knocked on doors of neighbours, contacted friends, passed messages on social networks, and spread the word out. The response was immediate and full of solidarity, we had a full house of food and other donations. The outcome was so inspiring that we decided to replicate the activity every month. These efforts allow us to directly help over 50 families.

During Christmas, we organized another fund-raiser for children’s gifts and another campaign last February for school supplies, both happily successful!

It has been so inspiring to see and feel the solidarity in human beings ... this fills us with hope and gratitude.

Ana Corrales

Project Coordinator

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