Vaccine for Entry, New Flights and Ancient Mayan Journey by MAYA TRAILS

Warm greetings from Guatemala! In case you hadn't heard, we have great news for those who have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine - Guatemala and Belize are accepting proof of vaccination for entry! Both countries only require a few simple steps for entry. For the vaccinated, the only stipulation is that the final dose of vaccine must have been administered 2 weeks or more prior to entry. For those who haven't yet gotten their shot(s), negative PCR and rapid antigen test results are still acceptable for entry. With the US on track to deliver enough vaccines for the adult population by the end of May, your clients can plan their trips with confidence!

We are also excited to see more direct flights to Guatemala City coming online and newly streamlined testing offered by the airlines for passengers who need it.

Finally, we have launched a special new adventurous itinerary for those interested in a journey into the heart of the Mundo Maya.

Ancient Mayan pilgrimage through the heart of Guatemalan jungle: El Mirador, Holmul and Yaxha