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Santiago Wild! 1st movie week (online)

Today we have very good news! Santiago Wild, the first wildlife and environmental film festival in Chile, will be broadcast for FREE through the digital platform Ondamedia on September 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27, 2020. 🎥 During those days, international and national documentaries such as "Triángulo de Pumas", "Humboldt: Explorer Epic" and "Okavango, River of Dreams", "Seeking the Andean Cat" and "Humboldt Archipelago, a paradise in danger" will be exhibited. among many others. In addition to the documentaries, interesting conversations with some directors of the exhibited works will be broadcast. This event is organized by Ladera Sur with the support of the Smithsonian Channel and Jackson Wild.

For further information click here. Some of the movies will be in English and others in Spanish.

Thank you and enjoy the movies!


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