Peru is opening up! By Valencia Travel

Dear Friends and Colleagues.

At last some excellent news about Peru and Valencia Travel.

We have now come out of quarantine in Peru! After a difficult year for all of us around the world, this has come as a huge relief after spending a whole year in quarantine.

We are still in the State of Emergency, meaning that we have to take certain health precautions such as hand sanitizing and obligatory use of face masks, but we believe that tourism and travel to Peru have become so much easier.

Little by little, we are getting back to normal and we wholeheartedly believe that we have come one big step closer to normality!

Covid 19:

The vaccination process has already initiated in Peru; the government has signed a formal agreement with Sinopharm, AstraZeneca and the COVAX Facility. According to the statesman, between 14 and 15 million Peruvian citizens are expected to be vaccinated before the winter season starts in the country (in June).

Politics: As is already known, Mr. Sagasti became President of the Republic on November 17, 2020, to lead a transitional government. His term in office is set to end on July 28, 2021. The election will take place on April 11th for the new president who is going to take his place.

Touristic Attractions: Machu Picchu and all major touristic sites are now open as of today, March 1st.

Entrance requirements: Today the government announced that there is no longer a 14-day quarantine for international arrivals. Except for travellers who have been United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, in the last 14 days (See more on the following link: ) You just need to present a negative PCR certificate.