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Help the Amazon community who are struggling with the second wave of the Covid-19

Hi! As we prepare to host you safely from March 15th this year, we are focused on helping the local communities of the Amazon during a strong second wave of the pandemic in our region.

During 2020 we supported the donation campaign organized by civil society in Tefé. Our followers and business partners donated enough to purchase more than 16 tons of food during the past year.


The situation in the State of Amazonas is complex, with numbers of infections and deaths caused by COVID-19 even higher than in 2020. Without being able to count on the Federal Government's Pandemic Emergency Aid (which has been discontinued from December 2020), many families are going through even more difficulties and we need, more than ever, of your help again. The donation campaign is open and we count on your support to donate and spread it to your network. Any help is welcome and will mean a lot to the communities of the Middle Brazilian Amazon.

Thank you for your support! Follow the Uakari Lodge social media to find out more information and we will be back soon to report the results of this campaign!

And remember: after this difficult time has passed, the best way to continue supporting us is to visit Mamirauá Reserve! Uakari Lodge is a not-for-profit initiative that has a socio-environmental objective of great importance to local communities.

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