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GondNews#43 Our future depends on our commitment - by Gondwana Brasil

"We need to take another path with bold, global changes. It is not 2030 or 2050, it is now!

My name is Txai Surui, I am only 24 years old, but my people have lived for at least 6,000 years in the Amazon rainforest.

Today the climate is getting warmer, the animals are disappearing, the rivers are dying, our crops are not flourishing as they once did. The Earth is speaking. It tells us that we have no more time.

Indigenous people are on the front lines of the climate emergency, so we must be at the center of the decisions that happen here.

We have ideas for postponing the end of the world."

Credits: WWF

A bit of the speech by Txai Surui, indigenous leader and the only Brazilian to speak at the opening of COP26 in Glasgow this year.

We believe that the future of Tourism is to collaborate and to be committed to the protection of these territories, their histories, nature and people. Only this way will it be possible to maintain these places as unique and contribute to the balance of the planet.

Now, more recently, with COP26 behind us, the travel and tourism industry has a chance and opportunity to turn good intentions into measurable actions.

According to the WTO, the Glasgow Declaration has two main goals: to get the tourism industry to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, and in the long term, to zero emissions by 2050. The document recognizes the urgent need to have a tourism climate action plan. The signatories commit to measuring, decarbonizing, regenerating, and releasing funding, and to presenting a concrete plan of action within a year.

It is important that we seek ways to commit ourselves in some way to these actions that are so essential for the maintenance of life with exuberance and diversity on our planet, and that are the jewels of our industry. For Gondwana Brasil this is a priority and soon it will be an official commitment.


Brazil advances with full immunization, surpasses countries like the USA, and exceeds 80% of the adult population with the complete vaccination scheme.

Several countries in the world are entering a fourth wave of Covid-19 infection, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Meanwhile, Brazil advances with the complete immunization with the two doses of the vaccine, surpassing countries like the USA.

On Tuesday (23), more than 61% of the Brazilian population is fully immunized against Covid by completing the vaccination scheme and 74.16% of the population had taken at least the first dose of vaccines. The booster dose was applied in 6.89% of the population.

"Brazil took a long time to start vaccination, but if we continue at this pace and if there are no new variants, our chance to escape a new peak is great," Gonzalo Vecina, founder and former president of the National Health Agency (Anvisa).

For some specialists, three major points work in favour of Brazil so that the chance of a fourth wave is less likely here:

Vaccine Culture

The first is cultural. It is what explains the fact that vaccination is advancing in Brazil while it slows down in many parts of the world. Here we are maintaining a pace of at least 1 million doses administered daily.

The Brazilian people saw very closely the damage that the pandemic did, both in terms of deaths, health and economy. And because of this, we have high adherence to vaccination.

Third dose

We have already adhered to the third dose, we are ahead of schedule in this respect, vaccinating the elderly and releasing it now for those over 18," says Furtado.

Use of Masks

Another factor that helps Brazil stay away from the possibility of a new wave is the use of masks. According to a survey by the National Confederation of Municipalities (CNM), conducted between November 16 and 19, the use of masks is still compulsory in 97.8% of the municipalities.


CROSSING THE BORDER TO VISIT THE ARGENTINE SIDE OF THE FALLS Recently Argentina has opened its borders to receive foreign visitors. As you know, we offer daily tours to visit the Argentine side of the falls, crossing the border between Brazil and Argentina. For this visit to be possible, clients need to follow some important requirements:

  • Have done one covid test (PCR or rapid test) inside 72h before crossing the border. If you have a tour booked with us, our local provider will take the clients to a local pharmacy where they can take the test. The cost for this needs to be covered by the client, it's around 120 BRL per pax.

  • Comprovation of the 2 doses of the vaccine

  • Fill up a form online confirming that the crossing of the border it's only for tourism, to see the Argentine side of the falls and come back on the same day. If you have a tour booked with us, this form it's filled up online and can be done locally together with our local provider.

Our guides are all familiarized with this new procedure and will assist the clients with any help they might need. These procedures will surely be updated soon, according to the number of covid-19 cases. We will keep you updated. If you have any specific doubts also feel free to contact our team.

Credits: Valdemir Cunha

Our newest project Gond Local was awarded in a very valuable program for impact businesses in the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve.

In December we will complete one year of Gond Local: a project that was born with the impulse to reconnect us with our surroundings and the Atlantic Forest. A project that came with the pulse of a lot of outdoor life, connection with nature and searching for true encounters with the guardians of this territory.

Contributing to a new way of travelling has been our purpose. When we enrolled in the Entrepreneurial Nature Program (PNE), it was with the goal of looking deeper into a new business model, which values not only the results but also the impacts that are generated.

And now we are very happy to announce that we were awarded the first place, as an impact business in tourism and nature conservation acting in the Atlantic Forest Great Reserve!

We spent 4 months in the program, in a journey of deep learning and exchange. This award gives us the certainty of being on the right path of responsible and fair tourism, and we are happy with the recognition of Gond Local as a business of impact.

We leave our thanks to our partners, local hosts, guides, and everyone who builds this story with us. To our dear travellers who believe and are open to true adventures, and also to the institutions that promoted the program, Fundação O Boticário and Sebrae-PR, which provided us with this intense and rich journey.

We remain stronger and more inspired in search of increasingly providing more and more people with this new way of travelling!

Credits: Valdemir Cunha

What do you know about the Atlantic Forest in Brazil?

The Atlantic Forest covers the largest cities and metropolitan regions in Brazil, where 70% of the population lives. Of its original cover, less than 7% remains in good condition, making it a global priority for conservation. The largest continuum of this remnant is called the Great Atlantic Forest Reserve, a unique destination where nature, culture and local development reinforce each other, generating a restorative economy.

Even in times of threat, the biome resists. And it is for the standing forest and the thousands of species it shelters that we need to support and strengthen these initiatives.

Gondwana Brazil was born here. We are part of this collective, and we are working together to consolidate a model of responsible tourism in the region.

We would like to invite you to watch and share this video and learn more about this region, so special to us.


We know how important it is to be a bridge during this time of many restrictions due to the global pandemic, and that in a way, it has created many barriers between worlds, countries, people and stories. For this reason, we have decided that we will share some local stories with you, either from our team, local partners, or hosts of the destinations we work with. We hope you enjoy it!

A symbolical adventure in Paraty with my mom

By Vanessa Silva from the Gondwana team.

My mother doesn't know how to swim.

This was the one thing that worried me when we considered taking a Kayak tour around the beautiful Paraty Bay.

It was certain that I would do the tour, but even on the day of the activity, my mother still had not confirmed whether she would go or not.

Our guide, Rodrigo, met us at the pousada. Together we walked to the beach and then started to get the kayaks and put on the safety equipment.

At this point my mother decided: she would not do the tour.

Despite her fear and refusal, it was apparent that she wanted to take the tour, so our guide used a foolproof technique: he promised that he would go with her in the kayak and that he was sure she would enjoy it. He talked about all of his expertise. He said that the waters were calm. He told us that his son loves this tour. He ensured that she didn't need to worry.

And with so much encouragement and so many guarantees, she gathered up all her courage and said "yes"!

In the middle of the bay, her joy was such that it overshadowed even the turquoise sea of Paraty: "I can't believe I'm here! It's wonderful, I feel like I'm in a dream!"

She smiled all the time, one of those laughs that at the end of the day your face even gets sore. And I laughed along with her, bubbling over with pride while trying to take pictures and not drop the camera in the water.

That day I fell in love a little more with the sea, with Paraty, with my brave mom and with things that allow us to overcome our fears.

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Since last month, we got back updating our social media channels with some interesting topics. Check out the latest:

Our commitment to animal protection! We believe that responsible tourism is the best way to work in the travel industry and we could not do this without thinking about how tourists interact with animals in their habitats.

Here at Gondwana Brasil we are moving forward. We are more hopeful and empowered to make this turn of the year a turn of the page, and start over from a new way of being in the world, collaborating and generating positive impact!

We want to hear from you. Please share with us the latest news from your countries.

Miss you all

A big hug,

Camila, Daniela, Vanessa, Renatha and Gabriel.

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