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Expeditions, an immersive discovery of Patagonia by Onesixth Expeditions - Argentina

Where did the many months of research, preparation, field trips, recce, talks, meetings and more meetings go? So much has been done in preparation for today.

The crew of O/S and all its collaborators are thrilled to present our first two unique expeditions into Patagonia - Argentina.

The expeditions rescue untold stories of explorers, dreamers, families, professionals, conservationists and lovers of their successes, failures and struggles and those that have chosen Patagonia as their home, place to learn and research and ensure that what makes it very special and unique is preserved for future generations.

They immerse our travellers into the history and culture of one of the wildest places on earth, Patagonia.

With a limited number of spaces for our meticulously-planned expeditions.

Be part!

For further information on our expedition, please contact us!


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