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Do you know what is the WAFA Certification? by Adventure Journeys Ecuador and Galapagos.

Safety is a priority

For those of us who make up the Adventure Journeys team, the safety that we can provide to our passengers on each of our tours is one of the most important priorities.

We recognize that a fundamental part of happiness and enjoyment of any activity is the feeling of security, sharing unique experiences, making each moment unforgettable for the joy that is achieved is our goal.

That is why our team is constantly trained in various areas, in order to always provide the best services.

On this occasion, we have updated our certificate in Wilderness Advanced First Aid - WAFA techniques, a recognition internationally endorsed by NOLS, and which verifies that our team is prepared to stabilize, treat, and make evacuation decisions for patients in backcountry environments, with an emphasis on long term patient care management and specific injury evaluation.

After everything that happened in 2020, a crucial year in the history of the modern world, one of the most important lessons has been to be prepared, both the administrative staff and the guides, for risk situations and to be able to make decisions that benefit our travellers.

We have been renewing ourselves in our processes in the face of surprising situations, in order to always provide the best of ourselves, not only showing the wonders that our country, Ecuador, offers, but also personally, to always have new friends to meet and promote unique adventures that serve as an excuse to change our customers lives.

For further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Thank you.

Adventure Journeys team.

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