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Costa Rica: the rise of nature…

An amazing documentary to get to know our country better on an unforgettable journey. Costa Rica: the rise of nature…an amazing documentary to get to know our country better on an unforgettable journey.

Luis Miranda, Costa Rican director and producer living in Europe, is responsible together with his team of putting together a unique and compelling documentary “Costa Rica: the rise of nature”. We recently had a Zoom call with him so we could learn details about his inspiration. The documentary takes you on a three-step journey to the heart of one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and also a witness the unprecedented efforts that scientists, communities and individuals make every day to preserve, and in some cases restore, an exceptional natural heritage.

The first episode shows the wonders of the dry tropical forest in the northern Pacific of Costa Rica, the only remanent in the continent of this rare ecosystem. This forest, which once covered the entire Pacific coast of Central America, now exists only as isolated "vestiges". In Costa Rica, however, it has been revived and even expanded thanks to the efforts of biologists and the local population.

On the second episode, you will embark on a journey from the Caribbean coast all the way to the South Pacific coast, exploring the biological corridors that connect the network of National Parks in the country. Volcanoes, rivers but overall protagonists like the wild pigs, which carry many responsibilities to keep the thin balance in nature distributing seeds and growing forests or becoming the base-diet for jaguars, amongst the many threats day face every day.

The final chapter shows the main challenge our country is facing…the sea. Fragile ecosystems and marine life depend on the commitment and policies from government and local communities, and the devoted hard work of biologist and researchers. From the marine paradise that surrounds the Cocos Island to mangroves, coral reefs, whales and sharks, this episode is the perfect closing of this journey.

The first reason why I wanted to share this amazing content was that we are very proud of Luis and his work, and when I talked with him and felt his passion and commitment, I knew this is positive news to share with you all. Positive news to believe we can do things better, that we can recover hope and optimism for a better, greener and fairer world, just like it is happening in Costa Rica.

These links are your passport to experience not only the unique and amazing natural beauties of Costa Rica but also to learn about the many challenges we are facing so that our treasures will remain and thrive for our future generations.

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