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Connecting people's lives again - Peru by Valencia Travel

There were once 30,000 kilometres of Inca roads and trails. Cusco was the capital of the Inca

Empire and the point where the roads converged, demonstrating the capital’s supremacy as

the “navel of the world.” These roads connected people for centuries and made it possible for the empire to grow.

At Valencia Travel, we follow in this same spirit of building metaphorical roads that can connect people, while at the same time discovering new paths to explore and follow. We follow the principle that made it possible to connect and unify people many centuries ago. It is very important to us as a company that these Andean interconnections are not lost. Rather,

that they spread to the furthest reaches of our global community of travellers.

During confinement: Rebuilding the connections

Authentic people with real connections to the land, wait high in the Andes, as the world recovers. From their mystique and ancestral wisdom, they observe us. They tell us that we must always be in contact with nature. They give us hope and we listen to them. The world doesn't change, it just constantly renews itself. We will be physically distanced, but connected by the energy.

From the navel of the world.

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