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Chile - Step-by-step reopening plan

Dear Clients and Friends, as a continuation of our last information letter, we would like to inform you of further positive developments in Chile in the context of the current pandemic. The Chilean government introduced a step-by-step plan in July to control the pandemic depending on the health situation in each individual area. This plan consists of 5 steps: quarantine, transition, preparation, the first opening and advanced opening, accompanied by specific restrictions during each stage. The number of infections has already been decreasing for weeks so that several districts of Santiago and other parts of Chile are now also in the second stage and quarantine is only in effect on weekends and public holidays. The Aysén region of Patagonia, as well as the lake district in Valdivia and its surroundings, have already been in stage 4 for several weeks so that in these regions tourist activities are possible to a limited extent. The positive news is also the gradual reopening from September onwards of some of the country's national parks, including the Alerce Costero National Park in the Los Ríos region, the Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia as well as the Río Simpson and Coyhaique National Reserves in the Aysén region. In addition, several European and American airlines have reactivated their flights to/from Chile or are gradually increasing their frequencies. We have prepared a list of international flights of major airlines and when flights can be expected to restart. Regarding national borders, no official date has yet been given when they will be reopened completely. However, entry into Chile is currently possible upon proof of Chilean citizenship or residence in Chile. After entry a 14-day quarantine is mandatory. The exit from Chile is possible without restrictions. In general, Chile is under a "state of emergency" for the time being until 14 September 2020, accompanied by a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. After this date, the state of emergency could be extended, but this seems rather unlikely at this point. Currently (as of 19/08/2020) 362,440 people have already recovered and the number of active coronavirus cases in the whole of Chile is 15,869. We are preparing for the arrival of visitors in post-COVID times and want to enable them to travel safely. We are currently working on hygiene protocols that we will send you before the start of the season. Yesterday, the Chilean government together with the national tourism service Sernatur announced a new certification protocol that will be awarded to companies in the tourism industry if they comply with the relevant health protocols. We are in the process of meeting these requirements and obtaining this certificate. If you have any questions concerning Chile, please do not hesitate to write to your travelArt contact person. We continue to work in our home offices. We would like to thank you for your confidence in us and at the same time, we sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well in these difficult times worldwide. Stay healthy!

Kind regards, Your travelArt team

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