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Chile - Current status

Santiago, 15.07.2020 Dear Clients and Friends, we would like to inform you about the current situation in Chile and share some positive developments with you. Regarding national borders, no official date has yet been given when they will be reopened completely. However, there are a limited number of national and international flights to/from Santiago. Entry into Chile is possible with proof of Chilean citizenship or residence in Chile. After entry a 14-day quarantine is obligatory. The exit from Chile is possible without restrictions. Residents of the greater Santiago area and other cities are in mandatory quarantine as a preventive measure by the government. Restaurants, malls, bars, shops and many hotels are currently closed along the country and currently only supermarkets, drugstores and petrol stations remains open. However, a positive trend is now emerging in Chile regarding the situation with the Covid 19 pandemic and the country is preparing progressively for the revival of tourism. During the last two to three weeks, the infection and mortality rates have decreased. Currently, almost 290,000 people have recovered and the number of active cases in the whole of Chile is only about 23,000. By the other hand, the worldwide research for a vaccine against this new type of coronavirus continues. Here in Chile an important university has been working with the Chinese research institute Sinovac Biotech since July and is already testing the effectiveness on volunteers. As a result of the decreasing numbers of infections the restrictions in two regions of Chile are going to be lifted, in the Aysén region of Patagonia and in the lake district in Valdivia and surroundings, so that tourist activities will also be possible again to a limited extent. The airline LATAM, which has numerous national and international flight connections, received substantial financial support in July, thus ensuring its operational continuity. The Chilean government is providing health protocols to prepare for the reopening of the tourism industry after the pandemic. These recommendations for correct disinfection, handling of customers, etc., ... focus on accommodation and restaurants and aim to protect the health of all parties involved. Also travelArt is preparing for the arrival of visitors in post-covid times and wants to enable them to travel safely. We are currently working on hygiene protocols that we will send you before the start of the season. If you have any questions concerning Chile, please do not hesitate to write to your travelArt contact person. We continue to work in our home offices. We would like to thank you for your confidence in us and at the same time we sincerely hope that you and your families are doing well in these difficult times worldwide. Stay healthy!

Kind regards, Your travelArt team

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