Change or improvement? What has happened to Chile this year? by Turavion

Dear friends and partners.

What a year has been 2020 for all the wrong reasons!!! But for the longest and thinnest country in South America, 2020 has been a year that will stay in history.

With over 78% of the votes, the Chilean Constitution will be rewritten. The vote has taken place on Sunday 25th October. This change has been demanded by the vast protests that have shaken Chile since last year and as part of the changes that the population required, President Pinera has agreed to the referendum. The new constitution is expected to be finished within 2 years from this Sunday. Here is some additional information -

Continuing with the good news…

Changes are indeed needed when things are not working quite so well but, there is also merit in advocating consistency, determination and devotion to old practices.

Turavion with over 86 years in the market and still managed and owned by the family Sacchetti showed a strong and well-managed operation.

Turavion has been able to retain 16 people in our incoming division who are working very hard to assist all our clients and their requests. For all of those who have left Turavion, we are in close communication and I am pleased to say that we have met with all our duties with them and we hope that as business picks up, these value stakeholders will return to work with us.

Since last year, Turavion has embarked on a strategy to improve our systems and processes and, today, I am glad to say that we are nearing the end of the first phase where all our services and rates are fully loaded in our system (Tourplan). The new booking and reservation system has an agent portal where our clients will be able to access information about all destinations in Chile, our newsletters, and Rates amongst many other resources that are available, helping our partners in converting those opportunities that we are all in much need of.

Our liability insurance has also been enhanced to cover-up to $3.5 Million Dollars.

In terms of Sustainability, Turavion is the only major DMC in Chile that holds the three main sustainable stamps provided and certified by Tourism Secretary in Chile, reinforcing our commitment with our people, environment and economic development.

Covid 19 – The number of people infected by the virus is declining ( and it is believed that Chile has passed the peak of the pandemic. For further and more detailed information follow the below link. Please note that the information there is in Spanish only.

Turavion has been awarded the Tourist Trust seal given by the Chilean Government through the tourism board (SERNATUR) taking over the commitment related to COVID-19 Protocols