Brazil news by Gondwana Brasil

COVID Updates

We are very glad to share that, confirming last month’s trend, the covid-19 scenario continues to significantly improve in Brazil. According to an epidemiological bulletin from the national Ministry of Health, issued on last October 23, there has been a 19.4% decline in the number of confirmed cases in the week of October 11 to 17, compared to the previous week. And on October 21, the rolling 14-day death average was down 22%, and was the lowest since May 6, 2020. Considering the pandemic hit us harder precisely during our winter season, and that we are now almost half-way through spring, we really believe that the worst is past us.

This trend is having a positive impact on the domestic tourism sector since Brazilians are travelling a lot within the country, which allows for many of our local partners to catch their breaths. This regaining of momentum is proving to be extremely important for the industry at the end of the year. Tourists are being very respectful of the sanitary protocols put in place by the service providers.

We are following the news about the second wave in Europe and our heart goes out to all those affected, especially our business partners. Please keep us up to date regarding the particular situation in your countries and businesses.

In other news...

New home :)

We have moved to our new office and are gradually going back to work there, taking turns and following the appropriate safety protocols. As we mentioned last month, the pandemic forced us to slow down our renovation and moving plans, but we are thrilled that things finally came to fruition! Our new office is in a beautiful house, on a quiet downtown street. It underwent a large renovation in order to accommodate our headquarters and incorporate Gondwana’s soul. Pictures coming soon! (We’ll share just one for now, to give you a taste ;)