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Best of the World: 35 incredible places to discover in 2021 and beyond...Costa Rica leads the way

Nat Geo’s global travel editors have lined up 35 of the best places our planet has to offer for 2021 and beyond: destinations that speak of resilient communities, smart sustainability efforts and unforgettable experiences for post-pandemic explorations. In the category of Best Trips for Sustainability, we are recognized as the first country on their list.

Costa Rica

Celebrations for the pioneer of sustainable tourism

Imagine a country that’s one-quarter national park, a place where you could hike in a rainforest in the morning and surf tropical waves in the afternoon. That country is Costa Rica. 2021 is the bicentennial of its independence, an anniversary it aims to celebrate by becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral country. Already one of the greenest nations, conservation has been cultivated here since the 1970s, with drives to protect areas, close zoos and reverse deforestation. For a deep immersion, plot a course for the Osa Peninsula; an astonishing 2.5% of the Earth’s biodiversity is squeezed into 0.001% of its surface area.”National Geographic Traveller UK


The Horizontes Team

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