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A bright future awaits us by Valencia Travel - Peru

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

The circumstances we are facing during pandemic separated us from our bothers, our porters. Thinking at all times of their well-being, we were planning to reconnect with them as soon as we can travel again. We knew that the isolation imposed would restrict their access to food and basic resources to live in the heights.

We scheduled a meeting with them and we dreamt about it, when the date arrived we were so happy to see their faces again. The whole team joined the cause, we carried suitcases full of energetic and nutritious food. Also, warm clothes designed for life in extreme climates, made from our ancestral fabrics.

Life in the Andes is hard but real. Through reconnecting with the families that make the journeys of our travellers possible, we too have the hope of returning to the world we knew. Unique emotions enveloped us when we talked with each of them.

Reciprocity is our north star and our steps but what we get back from our Andean communities is immense. We understand that this is only the beginning and we must carry on with our initiatives that benefit them.

The community of Waca Punku is located about three hours from Cusco. Here there are a number of small villages located on the side of a steep mountain.

Thank you for your time.


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