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Our commitment to Sustainable Tourism by Valencia Travel (Peru)

It is a real pity that the UK Gov has kept its travel restrictions to Peru, we hope that this will change soon, until then, let's look at what the Valencia travel team is up to and let's keep dreaming, we are closer than ever to be able to experience Peru in its entirety again.

Sacred Land of the Incas

An itinerary designed for the history buffs and culture crusaders who want an experience that goes deep into the heart and soul of Peru’s spellbinding history, the Sacred Land of the Incas tour delivers highlight after highlight on a 13-day trip that puts the ‘act’ in ‘active’, because it’s a non-stop adventure from start to finish.

COVID-19 Update for Peru - September 22th, 2021

Check the latest update about COVID-19 restrictions in Peru here.

Thank you so much and we are here to support you!


Daniel and the Valencia team

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