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Diving in Coiba National Park "Exploring the underwater wonders¨

Coiba National Park is a must-see destination for diving and nature lovers. With its unique marine biodiversity and amazing underwater landscapes, it will give you an unforgettable experience.

Located in the province of Veraguas, in the Pacific of Panama, it is composed of the main island of Coiba and several smaller islands that are part of the Biosphere Reserve of the Gulf of Chiriqui. This protected area covers approximately 430,825 hectares, making it one of the largest marine areas in the world.

The underwater walls of Coiba National Park will take you to a surreal world, where you can admire underwater caves, coral arches and impressive rock formations. You will witness a unique biodiversity, from hammerhead sharks to graceful sea turtles, all coexisting in perfect harmony.

Places of great tourist interest:

The main attraction of Coiba National Park is undoubtedly diving. With crystal clear waters and rich marine biodiversity, you can explore colorful reefs, impressive underwater walls and fascinating underwater caves. In addition to diving, you can also enjoy snorkeling, kayaking and visits to the pristine beaches surrounding the park.

  1. Santa Catalina: A picturesque coastal town and starting point for excursions to Coiba. Here you will find beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.

  2. Isla Cébaco: Located near Coiba, this island offers beautiful beaches, excellent diving and a welcoming local community.

  3. Golfo de Chiriqui National Marine Park: A protected area that hosts coral reefs, tropical islands and a great variety of marine life.

  4. Granito de Oro Island: A small rocky island with crystal clear waters, perfect for snorkeling and enjoying the scenery.

How to get there from Panama City:

To get to Coiba National Park from Panama City, you can take a domestic flight to the city of David, in the province of Chiriqui. From there, you can take a land transfer to the port of Santa Catalina, where you will find boats that will take you to Coiba. The boat trip to Coiba usually takes approximately two hours.


  • Make sure you bring all your complete diving equipment with you, including wetsuit, mask, fins and regulator.

  • Don't forget to bring biodegradable sunscreen to protect your skin and the marine ecosystem.

  • Respect the park rules and do not touch or damage any form of marine life or coral.

  • If you have no diving experience, consider taking a beginner's course before diving in the park.

  • Find out about currents and marine conditions before diving and always follow the recommendations of local experts.

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