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Happy 2022!

We have reached the end of 2021. In a year of so many adversities, we keep insisting and persevering in search of what we believe to be our best: our contribution to Responsible Tourism in Brazil. The past year arrived without many perspectives, but we decided to focus our attention on the new possibilities, on improvements, on keep working with what we believe: transforming peoples lives through tourism. We learned to act effectively, to innovate, and above all, to keep our hope alive in loving what we do. It was great to have shared these moments with you! May we keep this hope active, trusting in the path of life and in our work to continue transforming the world around us. Together we make a difference! We thank you and celebrate our partnership. We wish that 2022 may be full of hope, love and courage.

A big and warm hug from us! Camila, Carol, Daniela, Vanessa, Renatha, Gabriel and Marco.

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